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Four Perfect and Healthy Dog Treats


Just like humans, man's best friend - dogs- love food treats.  Dog treats are food-based rewards or tokens given to dogs, especially during training. And like humans, dogs often get excess calories from the food treats they receive. Healthy treats given to dogs come in different shapes, sizes, and flavors. But some dog dental treat have better nutrition than others. 


Failure to take due care when giving your dog treats, may mean that you may end up giving your dog excess caloric intake.  Increased caloric intake given to the dogs may exceed the normal diet of the dog. You may not realize how many treats your dog receives or their caloric intake. But here are four healthy treats, which your dogs are sure to enjoy.


Fruit-based and vegetable treats


Dogs require vitamins, minerals, and fibers which are found in fresh fruits and vegetables just like all humans need the same nutrients. Your dog may enjoy munching on green beans or apple. Many fruits and vegetables can indeed be good treats for your dog. However, it is good to avoid potentially toxic types of fruits and vegetables such as grapes, raisins, and sultanas. It is also wise to avoid vegetables and fruits which may contain food preservatives or chemicals. Know more about dog treats in http://dogs.wikia.com/wiki/Dog_treats.


Meat-based dog treats


Meat-based dog treats are made from various types of meat such as beef jerky and chicken heads. Some of these meats are prepared through a smoking process. The process leaves a smoky flavor, which keeps the stink away from your hands. Meat treats from beef jerky have a high protein content and a low caloric intake.  However, you should keep away from imitations that use fillers such as soy or corn. The filler content in these meats may present a digestion challenge to your dog.  In fact, such imitations may cause stomach upsets or excess flatulence. Check out the canine dental chews for more details.


Dog biscuits


Virtually all dogs enjoy the crunchy and chewy dog biscuits. Dog biscuits were indeed the first dog treat to be ever made and sold commercially. The dog biscuits are treats made from ingredients collected from natural sources. These ingredients include apples, oatmeal, cheddar, chicken, sweet potatoes, and cheese. Ideally, avoid biscuits with artificial preservatives and flavors. Additionally, avoid greasy treats and select dryer biscuits that will not leave a greasy mess.  Based on the size of your dog, choose small-sized or big biscuits, which befit your dog's size.


VOHC certified dental chews


There are various types of chews, which can act as ideal treats for dogs.  These Veterinary Oral Health Council accredits chews which are sold as an ideal chew for dogs. The VOHC accredits the sale of chews, which are meant to remove plaque and tartar from dogs. Only buy the Veterinary Oral Health Council accredited chews.